Shakira and Trevor Noah's Carpool Karaoke

Emma Shepherd

Columbian singer Shakira has made an appearance alongside The Daily Show's presenter Trevor Noah in a new episode of Apple Music’s Carpool Karaoke on Tuesday night. Watch video above.

Shakira rocks out with presenter Trevor Noah on the streets of Barcelona. Source: Apple

The clip shows the 40-year-old play tour guide as she takes Trevor around the streets of her hometown Barcelona.

The South-African comedian Trevor quizzes her on music she likes to listen to while driving.

They duo start rocking out while listening to Zombie by the Cranberries. Source: Apple

“If you were driving your car, and you were listening to music that you love to sing a long to what would you play?” he asked.

The mother-of two replied, “I like to rock out, I became a pop singer but I grew up hard core rock music.”

He continued, “What’s the song you love singing now in that genre that touches your soul.”

The pair are seen laughing and dancing while they both share there favourite carpool song. Source: Applew

The pair then rock out in the front of the car, pumping Zombie by The Cranberries with Shakira showing off her powerful vocal chords hitting every note with ease.

“Hit that snare Trevor!” she yells.

The comical clip ends with Trevor choosing his favourite song.

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“I will play you songs that I listen to in the car.”

The pair switch it up and rap in a funny duet pumping a song by Amercian hip-hop group Wu-Tang.

“That is one of the greatest moments of my life I will store it in my memories rapping Wu-Tang with Shakira,” the presenter gushed.

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