Single mum's dreams come true thanks to sugar daddy dating

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A single mum has quit her job cleaning houses to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse thanks to the boyfriend she met on a ‘sugar daddy’ dating site.

Marlena Yonko signed up for What’s Your Price while struggling to pay her bills and support her six-year-old son.

She earned around $539 AUD from accompanying three rich men to dinner each week for nearly a year, before meeting Vinny, a 34-year-old realtor.

Since then he’s has been forking out over thousands of dollars to pay for all her expenses since October.

“It was very tough getting by as a part-time maid, so I thought the site would be a great way to earn some extra cash,” she said.

“It was really cool. I was meeting new people, enjoying some good food and getting paid well.”

Marlena was struggling as a single mum of six-year-old Noah. Photo: Caters News

The 23-year-old from Florida has now been able to quit her day job to focus on applying to nursing school, which he has also vowed to fund.

“I’ve always wanted to be a nurse, but as someone who was struggling just to pay the bills that were coming in, I didn’t even think it was possible,” she said.

“I was not expecting this much help. He is paying my car payment, my rent and even spoiling my son.

“I don’t even have to ask him anymore. He just takes it upon himself to pay for everything.

“He really shows how much he cares. That’s what I really like.”

Her 'sugar daddy' turned boyfriend has helped her quit her job and will pay for her study. Photo: Caters News

After exchanging some messages on the site, the couple met for dinner. While it became romantic, he still had no problem giving her $318 AUD in cash before the end of the night.

The next time he requested they meet, the part-time maid was $636 short on her rent and sweetheart Vinny offered her that exact amount to spend the day together.

Unlike the other 30 men who paid her to have dinner with them, Marlena noticed a meaningful connection from the first date.

“The first date went very well. I felt more of a connection with him and he said he also felt the same, so from there we just kept seeing each other,” she said.

“All the guys I met were very sweet, but I feel so much more comfortable with him.”

After the first date she knew there was a connection. Photo: Getty

The new relationship was going so well that she introduced Vinny to her parents after just a week.

He met her son Noah a month later and now the three of them are spending weekends doing activities like a family.

The new boyfriend has also become a big part of her son Noah’s life, spoiling him on a regular basis and even spending $400 on toys for him in one day.

“He’s very good with my son. The three of us go fishing together every weekend and it’s been great,” she said.

While the couple don’t want to rush things, they are slowly making their relationship more serious.

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