Sir Mix-a-Lot defends Blake Lively’s ‘Oakland Booty’

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Sir Mix-a-Lot likes big butts and he cannot lie! The 52-year-old rapper defended Blake Lively in a new interview just days after she enraged Instagram users with a controversial post.

Lively took to social media on Tuesday, May 17, to post a photo of her curvaceous backside in a stunning golden Atelier Versace gown, which she captioned, “L.A. face with an Oakland booty.” The line, which was a quote from Sir Mix-a-Lot’s 1992 hit “Baby Got Back” celebrating shapely behinds, was almost immediately interpreted as racially insensitive by several Instagram users.

“I don’t think she’d wear that dress if she thought that booty is horrible - and to me, it ain’t horrible,” the hip-hop entertainer told the New York Daily Newson Thursday, May 19. “I don’t get it at all. She’s saying she’s proud of her butt. I’m glad she embraced the look, because that’s what I wanted (with the song).”

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He continued, “All I would say to the critics is let’s better understand the context of what she said. If [what she’s] saying is, ‘I have this butt that Mix-a-Lot was talking about in ‘Baby Got Back,’’ that’s a good thing. She’s saying I’ve embraced this ideal of beautiful. However, if what she’s saying is, ‘I cannot believe I got this fat, this is horrible,’ then I agree with the critics.”

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Lively, who is expecting her second child with husband Ryan Reynolds, has yet to respond to the criticism or remove the post from her page. In fact, Sir Mix-a-Lot is happy that she hasn’t taken down the pic.

“I’m glad she didn’t pull it down,” he said. “I don’t think she should.”

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