Six clues that Jarrod proposes to Keira

Anita Lyons

It's no secret that a loved-up couple get engaged during the finale of Bachelor in Paradise and we think we know EXACTLY who it is.

Yup, we've combed through the facts and found six clues that prove Jarrod Woodgate proposes to Keira Maguire during the final episode.


1. Jarrod can handle Keira's 'crazy'

Jarrod Woodgate and Keira Maguire on the set of Bachelor In Paradise, during one of their MANY ups and downs. Source: Channel 10

Jarrod and Keira have the most dysfunctional and tumultuous relationship on the island, yet, no matter how hard they try, they cannot keep away from one another.

If this were us, we'd be running for the hills, but for the pair of blondies, they cannot get enough of the dramz. Especially, but not limited to, Jarrod.

Remember that time Keira broke it off with him, but then they got back together, but then they broke up again and got jealous of each other and Keira got really really angry every time? Who could forget!

Well, Jarrod's response is giving us reason they are end game. "I think it's cute when you're angry," he said.. Must be #truelove since no one else would put up with that...

2. Jarrod has an, ahem, 'type'

The resemblance between Sophie Monk and Keira is uncanny. Source: Ten

We really needn't say too much about this as the pic speaks for itself, however, let's play a game called 'spot the difference'?

Keira is truly the most similar bachelorette left who bares an uncanny resemblance to our national treasure and Jarrod's first (Bachie) true love, Sophie Monk.

It's not very clear whether Jarrod had fully gotten over Sophie - so next best thing??

3. There's serious chemistry between them

Jarrod and Keira during one of their

The ups, the downs, the round and rounds...who can honestly keep up?

While it's like watching an incredibly graphic train wreck, you can't deny the heavy chemistry between J-Man and Keira AND they fight like a married couple so......

4. Their jealousy is NEK LEVEL

Keira was seriously unimpressed when Jarrod went on a date with Ali Oetjen. Source: Channel 10

Keira and Jarrod. Jarrod and Ali. Jarrod and Simone. Keira and 'douchebag Daniel'. Keira and Michael.

Guys, whoever the pairing is/was, the green eyed monster hit and hit hard. Every fight these two seem to have is because they are jea-l-ous. With a capital 'J-E-A-L-O-U-S'.

Great for us, terrible for them.

5. They've already been spotted together several times on the "outside"

These guys have been making out in the outside world for months now and haven't been afraid to show their affection for one another, much to the chargrin of the producers.

Safe to say, they're still together and they in looooove!

6. Insiders say it's a done deal.

Jarrod and Keira seem to be a done deal after being spotted together in the real world. Insiders close to the couple are convinced they're engaged. Source: Channel 10.

You guys, it's already done. Reportedly.

According to NW mag's insider, "They want to start their life together right away. This is a dream come true for them both. Neither of them expected to even find someone they liked, let alone fall in love with - and now they're leaving Fiji with a soulmate."


We rest our case.

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