Sixty seconds with Sushi at Kishi

What are the inspirations behind your menu?

A mixture of traditional Japanese favorites and some of our own special combinations. We think it’s important to offer customers something unique alongside the classics!

Where do you source your produce and how?

All our produced is sourced as fresh as possible. A lot of our produce is purchased from the Adelaide central markets.

What’s your favourite or most popular dish on the menu and why?

The Lion King Roll - a mixture of spicy salmon, avocado, fresh salmon and flame grilled spicy mayo on top. You need to taste it to believe how great it is!

What are the key food trends you’re most excited about this year?

I don't really follow food trends, I just believe in creating food with the freshest ingredients and with pride and I don't think you can go too wrong!

What’s been your most memorable meal?

Sushi at Kishi of course! Other than that I love getting some fresh dumplings from the Central Markets. You can't get much better than the food that we produce locally here in our city.

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