Tap water can cause ageing

Danielle Fowler

Stop refilling that water bottle at the sink right now because according to skincare experts tap water can cause premature ageing.

According to new findings, the UK’s water system is actually packed with female hormones, as a consequence to a rise in the number of women taking the contraceptive pill, the Express reports.

The same could certainly be happening in Australia as well.

Leading anti-ageing experts have warned that drinking unfiltered tap water can add years to your appearance.

Experts warn tap water could add years to your appearance. Photo: Getty

“It’s one of the reasons why male fish have started to display female characteristics,” Dr Marion Gluck revealed.

“Why oestrogen-related cancers, such as breast cancer, uterine cancers and ovarian cancers are on the rise.

“Water is full of oestrogen which is not removed by the usual filtration systems.”

Findings suggest the UK's water system is full of female hormones. Photo: Getty

She went on to further explain that the hormonal imbalance in tap water can cause ageing in the form of the ‘middle-aged spread’ – where female hormones are believed to cause weight gain around the waist.

To combat the ageing process, Dr Gluck recommends drinking from glass water bottles to prevent the ageing process or using a reverse osmosis filtration system at home.

So next time you reach for a glass of tap water, you may want to think twice.

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