Skinny Redditors reveal their struggles

Aletha Wilkinson

A recent Reddit thread has addressed the question people are rarely ballsy enough to ask: what's it like being really skinny?

And some of the answers may surprise you.

Life has its challenges at every size. Source: Getty

"When riding roller coasters I'm pretty sure I slide around way more than I safely should."

"People find it perfectly acceptable to comment on my weight."

"Sitting in hard chairs for a long time can be sore on the hips/spine because there is not much cushion. Being cold sometimes. Not being able to eat/drink as much as I want of whatever I want. Having people assume I am not capable of moving/lifting heavy things."

A chair like this is a thin person's worst nightmare. Source: Getty

"As a thinner person, I'm always crammed in the backseat on car rides while all the "bigger" people get the front seat. Even when I have the longest inseam of the entire crew and documented sciatica/hip pain, I still get squished in the back seat while the fat, but shorter, people get all the legroom in front."

"When using packed public transport people think because you occupy less space that they can move up into AS MUCH AS YOU AS POSSIBLE. So much so that sometimes you are genuinely concerned you may be entered. Repeatedly. And you will have to take it silently in front of a crowd of commuters."

"Hard to maintain muscle mass...requires a lot of discipline to eat enough to keep up."

"Never coming down on seesaws."

What goes up, never comes down. Source: Getty

"Cold all the time. Bruise way too easily. No one believes I have an ounce of strength, or that I eat anything. I think my size also leads people to believe they can push me around more. One weird one is that roller coasters and similar rides are challenging because I bounce around in the harness and even slid out of one on a ride once (The Zipper). Again, more bruises. It's not too bad though."

"Strong winds can be difficult to walk in."

Turns out everyone has feelings. Who knew? Source: Getty

"I'm 5'4" [160cm] and 95lbs [43kg]. It gives the impression that I'm physically and mentally weak. I have been told that I couldn't watch my blood draw because they were worried I'd pass out. I told then it doesn't bother get me and they said, 'well since you're so small we are worried you can't handle seeing your blood.' I still haven't figured out the correlation there."

"I love calf high boots but having them flop around on your legs is not cute. I finally found a pair of cowboy boots that fit properly and my legs don't swim in; I think I'ma be buried in them I'm so happy to have them."

The skinny person's holy grail? Source: Getty

"As a woman in her 50s, I thought I should buy clothes at the "mature women" stores (which I no longer refer to as "old lady" stores). It turns out they don't sell small sizes, so I end up wearing teenager clothes, which are age-inappropriate..."

"As a skinny woman people tell me about their diets all day but I am not allowed to say anything at all about what I eat (or get diet anything) without a lecture about my body image."

"Try being invisible to your car. I had to have my car specially altered so that the weight sensor under the drivers seat would be set off by a lower weight because it couldn't tell when I was there or not. Imagine going on a five hour road trip and every minute and a half I would hear BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP."