Skye Wheatley bemoans botched boob job

Natasha Lee
Yahoo7 Entertainment

She was known for her sex-kitten look, but now Big Brother star Skye Wheatley says a botched boob job has left her feeling like she will never be able to get naked in front of a man again.

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The 22-year-old reality TV star flew to Thailand for the procedure, which she claims has left her with "a double bubble" in her right breast.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the former barista said: "'I'll never be able to get my t*ts out with a boy again...I've got less self confidence than ever.

Skye's botched boob job. Source: Supplied

"My boobs are still wonky but where before my left one was bigger, this time it's my right," she said.

Skye said she's now hoping to use her experience as a warning for other young women not to undergo cosmetic procedures abroad.

Skye before the operation. Source: Instagram

"Don't, it's not worth it, stay in Australia," she said.

She explained: "If something goes wrong you have to pay for another flight to more costs to get it fixed. Do your research, I wish I had done mine better.

Skye says she only feels confortable when fully dressed. Source: Instagram

"I want my old boobs back as it will cost to much to fix and will be so much hassle than if I had got them done in Australia."

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