Skye: Stop bullying Keira!

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Since entering the jungle last week, Keira Maguire has been copping it from all angles.

From sobbing hysterically after fighting with Steve Price over her refusal to do the dishes, to having Ash Pollard slam her surgically-enhanced lips, it’s fair to say the former Bachelor star hasn’t been winning any popularity contests of late.

But her bestie Skye Wheatley has got her back, insisting on Insta that, “the bitchiness and bullying that is going on is so unacceptable.”

The Big Brother star has leapt to her mate's defence. Source: Instagram
Keira's been having a hard time of it in the jungle. Source: Channel Ten

And speaking to Be, Skye admits she’s “really disappointed” by the way Keira has been treated by her co-stars.

“People just love picking on people who seem to be an easy target,” she says. “They also run out of things to talk about, so they turn to bitching.

“I mean Keira is who she is and she does act like a bit of a baby sometimes which doesn't suit her, but heck she's doing so well in the challenges!

Ash Pollard sniped that Keira's surgically-enhanced lips make it sound like she's got a speech impediment. Source: Channel Ten

“If that were me I would be hyperventilating every time before I even knew what I had to do.”

The former Big Brother star vented her frustrations on Instagram last night while watching an episode which saw Ash and Keira go head-to-head over her lips, which she got done as part of a recent $22k overhaul.

When Keira claimed, “Mine aren’t that obvious,” Ash laid into her, blasting, “Babe, you practically have a speech impediment, they’re that big. It’s true.”

“Whatever. That’s really rude, you’re actually being offensive,” Keira replied.

Skye recently bumped into Keira at their surgeon's office. Source: Snapchat

“You know what Ashley? Whatever the hell your name is, I don’t really care right now.”

But Ash simply laughed, and fired back with, “Oh, you’re giving me ‘tude now?”

And she's not the only one who's given poor Keira the brush-off.

She’s been talking up their “friendship” around camp, but Kris Smith finally set the record straight on his connection to Keira last week.

Quite simply, there isn’t one!

Keira might have daydreamed up this friendship. Source: Channel Ten

Although the former Bachelor contestant has been saying Dannii Minogue’s ex is her “good friend”, Kris revealed that was an exaggeration.

It all kicked off when Keira asked Kris if he thinks it’s “weird” that she is on the show. He was clearly confused by the question, but she pressed on.

“Did you even know that I went on The Bachelor?'” she asked her "close mate".

“Yeah, you told me when I saw you once,” Kris answered, clearly with a care factor of about zero.

Kris looked pained that Keira is even talking to him. Source: Channel Ten
Kris was genuinely confused by his

Later, Dane Swan imitated Keira by asking the same question. With a laugh, Kris said: “'Do you know I was on The Bachelor?’ Yeah, you told me one of the five times we've ever spoken in our lives,” he said about Keira. Ouch!

Kris got even more real when talking to camera in the Tok Tokkie.

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“She thinks we’re best mates, but I don’t really know her at all.”

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