Skye's latest body fixation

Leah Cohen

She’s a self-confessed body perfectionist, having been very open about the plastic surgeries she’s had.

Now Skye Wheatley’s latest body obsession is with her weight...and Instagram fans are worried.

Skye's latest body fixation is with her weight. Photo: Instagram

The 22-year-old shared a mirror selfie on Monday, showing her in a sexy white and blue vertical striped bikini.

“Losing weight like crazy while eating whatever I want. thank you!! x,” Skye captioned the image, referencing a weight-loss meal plan.

Despite previously telling Be she’s “really happy” with the way she looks, the former Big Brother star seems to now be fixated with shrinking her already-tiny tummy.

One fan commented on the sexy pic telling the blonde beauty: “Don't needa lose anymore weight your perfect as is (sic).” And we agree!

Skye loves flaunting her perfect bod on Instagram. Photo: Instagram

While the reality TV star appears confident on Instagram, sharing perfect shots of her fit bod and ample assets with fans - she revealed on The Project earlier this week: "I feel like there is a bit of pressure to be perfect on Instagram, cause you look at all these models on Instagram, and their life is perfect."

While her insecurities certainly don't appear obvious on social media, given she’s had multiple plastic surgery procedures to fix her "imperfections" just shows the extent she’s gone to appear "perfect."

Skye's butt looks bubblier than usual. Photo: Instagram

A few weeks ago, Skye shared a shot to Instagram of her bubble butt looking bigger than usual and fans questioned whether she secretly got butt implants.

The star put the rumour to rest on The Project and said: "I've had my boobs, my nose and my lips [done]," adding that, "Apparently, I've had my butt done, but that's a rumour. I can assure you."

Skye had rhinoplasty on her nose to fix her flared nostrils. Photo: Supplied

Skye recently opened up to Be about undergoing rhinoplasty to fix her “witch’s nose.”

"The surgeon took most of the cartilage out my tip because it was really long and when you looked down at my face from a particular angle, it looked like a witch's nose,” she said, adding her “nostrils were flared and I just wanted my them brought in and down."

Skye's botched boob job. Source: Supplied

Skye also revealed she's had two boob jobs since her Big Brother appearance in 2014.

She travelled to Thailand in 2015 for her first boob job to fix her uneven breasts, hoping to go from an A and C cup to DD.

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Unfortunately she ended up with a botched boob job which left her with what she describes as a "double bubble" in her right boob.

Despite this, the star confessed she doesn’t want to go under the knife again to correct her uneven breast.

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