Sleep doctor: How to avoid needing a holiday after the holidays

Kristine Tarbert

There is nothing worse than the first day back at work after the holidays, especially if you’re tired.

We’ve all been guilty of going too hard or trying to fit too much in during our time off, that we often return to work just as exhausted as we were when we left.

Of course, holidays are there to be enjoyed and used; lock in brunches with friends, days on the beach, shopping excursions, cruises and overseas trips.

There's nothing worse than being tired after your holidays. Photo: Getty

But it’s important to make sure you are still getting enough sleep while you are away, so that you don’t feel like you need another holiday after your holiday.

Luckily sleep doctor to the stars Dr Michael Breus, has shared his top tips for coming back from your time off well rested.

Sleep is just as important on holidays. Photo: Getty

Having designed a luxury bed for Princess Cruises this year, Michael knows how important sleep is while on holiday and says there are four simple things to watch out for.

“Often people tend to run themselves ragged during a vacation and they don’t actually rejuvenate,” Michael tells Be.

Be careful not to cram too much into your break. Photo: Getty

He says it’s very easy to drink too much, eat too much, and stay up too late on holidays, but just being mindful of those things can make all the difference.

“Really it’s about understanding what your body’s parameters are,” he says.

“The key thing is keeping a consistent bed time, specifically waking up at the same time is very critical.”

He also suggests to slow down on caffeine by 3pm to help you fall asleep easier, and limit your alcohol.

Too much alcohol hinders deep sleep. Photo: Getty

“If you can, stick to two maybe three drinks because once you pass that you get into the realm where alcohol is affecting your ability to get into a deep sleep,” Michael explains.

“I ask people to stop drinking about three hours before lights out. The human body takes about one hour per drink to digest, so that way you’ll go to sleep instead of passing out – there’s a big difference.”

Exercise will help you sleep better. Photo: Getty

He says exercise is the final piece of the puzzle with research suggesting that physical activity breeds better sleep.

“Alcohol and late nights are definitely the two main ones though and often they are both done on the first day so you’re constantly catching up,” he says.

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