Slugging is the strange new beauty trend

Kristine Tarbert

Forever in pursuit of the perfect skin, a new and slightly unconventional form of skincare has started making its way around the world.

And with winter on its way wanting to turn our skin dry and flaky, it's no wonder people are listening to so called 'gurus', bloggers and YouTubers, who are swearing by a trick called ‘slugging’.

Never heard of it before? Neither had we, but don’t worry it doesn’t actually involve anything with actual slugs coming anywhere hear your face.

Instead it’s the process of smothering your face with Vaseline before you go to sleep.

Slugging is the new skincare trend. Photo: Getty

It’s the latest K-beauty trend coming out of South Korea, and has already sparked a host of Reddit forums including one called ‘I’m in Love with Vaseline’.

The method is simple. Go about your normal nightly skincare routine, and then apply a layer of Vaseline jelly to your entire face.

Don’t rinse it off, instead it is meant to stay on overnight to help trap moisture and leave your skin baby soft.

The idea is to lather your face in vaseline before bed. Photo: Getty

While some remained sceptical, others were quick to share their experience trying the trend, and couldn’t believe the results.

One Redditer admitted she felt like a snail going to bed and that her face was sticky.

But when she woke up the next morning she couldn’t believe the results.

People have shared the trend on social media. Photo: Instagram

“MY FACE HAS NEVER BEEN SO SOFT. I am reborn. I am a new woman,” she wrote.

“I was not a slug; I was a caterpillar in the cocoon. I've emerged, a beautiful butterfly. No new breakouts. My skin is smooth and happy and bouncy.”

Others have shared their attempts on Instagram calling it a ‘skincare must’.

A 'skincare must'. Photo: Instagram

“Monday skincare must: slugging,” one person wrote, suggesting either the petroleum jelly or a vitamin-rich oil.

Of course, this has not been recommended by an actual professional and these things don’t always work for everyone so definitely take care - and do a spot test - if you decide to follow suit and try it.

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