Some random woman got to straddle Ryan Gosling

Carly Williams
Yahoo7 Entertainment

Ryan Gosling is a new dad again but that ain't stopping him from getting wild with the ladies.

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The actor dropped by Jimmy Kimmel to talk up his new movie The Nice Guys and took part in a skit which saw an audience member literally ride on The Gos' perfectly muscular back.

Ryan gets straddled. Photo: Jimmy Kimmel

The sketch involved acting out a scene from his new movie with a woman picked from the audience and the script called for her to straddle the hunk and break his arm.

Ryan also admitted he didn't get to try his suit on before his interview and revealed it was way too small - it was certainly clinging in all the right places.

"I have to admit something, I didn't try this suit on before I came out, and I realized that it's so tight. It's wildly inappropriate," the new dad said. "I feel like I'm going steady with these pants."