Sophie's plans for kids with Stu: 'I'll freeze my eggs'

Bianca Soldani

Marriage and kids were high on the priority list for Sophie Monk when she signed up for The Bachelorette.

And now that the season has come to an end and she’s walking off into the sunset with her knight in shining armour, there are a few things that still need to be sorted out - namely, that winner Stu Laundy is still married, and after fathering four daughters, he’s had a vasectomy.

Speaking on Sydney's KIISFM Kyle and Jackie O show, Stu, 44, said that despite the obstacles in their path, he still has ways to make 37-year-old Sophie's dreams a reality.

“Yeah I’d like to [have kids with Sophie]," he said, "It [the vasectomy] can be reversed, and I’ve also got some [sperm] in the bank, I went to the bank several times.”

Sophie and Stu want kids together. Photo: Ten

Sophie echoed the same line earlier this week when she told; “[The vasectomy] doesn't really matter because it can be reversed pretty quickly.”

“Or regardless, I could go freeze my eggs and chuck 'em over to wherever he's got his sperm banked.”

However, while they're already speaking of having kids of their own, Sophie has yet to meet any of Stu's four daughters. Confessing as much on radio on Friday morning, Sophie said she and Stu have barely had time to see each other - let alone each other's families - since filming wrapped up two months ago.

Taking to Instagram after last night’s show-stopping finale, Sophie said she was thrilled that after spending such a long time hiding their relationship, she and Stu can finally begin their love story out in the open.

The couple filmed the finale two months ago and have been hiding their love ever since. Photo: Instagram

“Finally WE can walk down the street and go to the supermarket,” she said alongside a photo of herself and Stu from the show.

Publican Stu also shared the same snap on his Instagram page, but simply captioned it with seven love hearts.

Former Bardot singer Sophie professed her love to Stu for the first time in Fiji, telling him he's the love of her life.

"Stu, I came here to do The Bachelorette because I wanted to find someone that I'd spend the rest of my life with," she began.

"You said loving me was the best thing you've done in a while. I don't think anyone's ever said that to me. So I have two really important things to tell you.

"The first thing is... ..I'm so sorry I misjudged you when I first met you. And the second thing is... ..I'm in love with you."

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