Sophie Monk grilled in brutal TV interview

Amy Stevenson

She's never been afraid to poke fun of herself, but the tables turned on Sophie Monk this week when she was subjected to a hilarious grilling.

Appearing on The Weekly, the 37-year-old sat down for the regular Hard Chat segment, which involves a celeb being grilled by comedian Tom Gleeson - who did not hold back when it came to Sophie!

Sophie and Tom were friends by the end of the grilling. Source: Twitter

After rattling off Sophie's long list of careers including "actor, singer, model, radio presenter, and brand ambassador", the comedian asked if "trying to be famous" was her preferred title when she has to give her profession to customs at the airport.

“I actually have written ‘celebrity’ once. But I just put ‘entertainer’, which usually they think (means) I’m a stripper,” Sophie joked.

Not finished there, Tom took another at the radio personality's profession.

Tom takes a dig at the singer. Source: ABC
Sophie was hit with the tough questions. Source: ABC

“You started out as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator. She died when she was 36. You’re 37. Is that why your career died a year ago?” A stone-faced Tom asked.

“It’s doing better than it was a few years ago," Sophie retorted, before adding: "That was sad. You know when you hit (gestures downward), and then you go down and up. So I’m trying to get lots of free stuff at the moment in case I lose it again.”

Taking a swipe at her rise and her personal life, Tom continued, “You were discovered through one of the very first reality shows, Popstars. Do you wish you waited until a reality show came up that people actually remember?”

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"Yeah, I guess I wish I was in one now. A cooler one,” she replied before saying The Bachelorette was her preferred choice of reality show to appear on because she's "very single.”

“You could just wait until your career slid a bit further and you became obscure. People would just think you were a regular person and you could go back on it again,” Tom hit back.

Watch the hilarious exchange above!

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