Sophie Monk Turned Down Victoria's Secret

Sarah Carty

Australian model Sophie Monk has revealed that she turned down a chance to audition for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show as she didn't want her life to be "around diets".

Speaking to while hosting the 106.5 Summer Fling with Matty Acton, the 35-year-old said she was asked to audition straight after starring in Date Movie in 2006, but politely declined.

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"I got asked to audition for it but I decided no," she said.

"It was after date movie [in 2006] and they asked me and I went "nope, I don't want my life to be around diets."

However the star then admitted that her life "is about diets anyway"

During the interview, the blonde beauty said she also turned down Heather Graham's stripper role in The Hangover films and was previously offered a role on That 70's Show.

"I was also offered the Pussycat dolls and I was like "I don't want to be in a girl band again"....This was after the main girl [Nicole Scherzinger] went," Sophie said.

"And CSI I got offered a role in that as a druggo but my visa didn't work out."