Five spooky details about the Pentagon’s UFO footage

Kristine Tarbert

Just in case you needed more proof that aliens do in fact exist, here are the five spookiest things about the latest UFO footage released by the Pentagon this week.

The Pentagon officially lifted the lid on the existence of the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, run by the Department of Defence, and the world can’t stop talking about one Navy pilot's story and the accompanying footage.

As reported by the New York Times, the program studied sightings of aircraft that didn’t match anything currently operated around the world and in 2004 Commander David Fravor was called to investigate a strange object hovering over the ocean.

Pentagon's alien program is all sorts of spooky. Photo: Getty

Over a decade later footage has been released and we can’t quite wrap our head around it.

These are the five most bizarre things about the whole story, that are making us seriously considering employing some tin foil hats.

The footage
It’s not often you actually get footage – and of such an official capacity – of something so bizarre. According to the Washington Post, a separate crew even flew after the object and tracked it for about a minute and a half before dropping the chase.

The Pentagon released this footage during the week. Photo: Youtube

It wasn’t the first time
Commander Fravor told the Times that the Navy had in fact been tracking mysterious aircraft for weeks before their mission. He explained that the UFOs would appear out of nowhere at about 80,000 feet then shoot down to the ocean, before hovering at 20,000 feet and then speeding back towards the sky.

It was undetectable
The pilot also revealed how much their radars struggled to even keep track of the object. He explained how they arrived at the spot where the object was meant to be but neither pilot could spot anything. It was like it didn’t exist.

The ocean was moving in a strange way
During the mission, Fravor said he noticed the waved on the ocean were “choppy and frothy”, like they would be if something was under the water and breaking the surface. Just above was an oval-shaped object.

Navy pilot David Fravor shared his UFO encounter. Photo: CNN

It was too fast
When Fravor tried to get closer to the shape it shot away at a speed “like nothing I’ve ever seen”. And even before that when the pilots were on their way to intercept it at a point about 96kms away, they were told the object had beaten them there. He estimated it took less than a minute.

All this comes after an ex-Pentagon official who ran the program between 2004-2007 revealed he thought there was “compelling evidence” that aliens were not only real, but had been to earth.

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