Can you spot the lost hiker on this snowy trail?

Sarah Carty

You may not be able to spot him at first but there is actually a man lost in this snowy landscape.

The hiker found himself unable to get back on the Howe Sound Crest Trail when he was coming back from St Mark’s summit in Vancouver.

Just to add to his rocky situation, the guy was wearing a grey jacket on the day, which made it almost impossible for North Shore Rescue to spot him.

Can you spot the hiker in this photo: Photo: North Shore Rescue

The man and his companion got separated and while the first hiker was easily rescued, it was a bit tricky for the second hiker to get down.

He ended up about 500 metres down an extremely dangerous creek, which search manager Doug Pope told the North Shore News is 'basically an avalanche chute in the winter so he was like a bowling pin in a bowling alley in that situation’.

The man got separated from his companion and got lost in the snowy terrain. Photo: North Shore Rescue
He was wearing a grey jacket, which made him even harder to spot. Photo: North Shore Recue

“In this case, he was lucky because he was in the open and we were able to get good co-ordinates from his phone and he had good cell reception.”

Rescuers ended up having to get the man down by asking him to hold up his phone flashlight and using a helicopter to locate him.

The team at North Shore Rescue urged hikers to try to find a trail if they get lost in snow and always carry a map – which they revealed the man in this picture did not have with him.

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