Spot the tiny heart buried among the elephants

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If you’re really getting into the spirit of Valentine’s Day today, you’ll love this little brainteaser.

Drawn by artist and author Gergely Dudás – who is also known as Dudolf – it shows a field packed with pink, purple and white elephants.

But buried in amongst them is the tiniest of love hearts that’s extremely difficult to find.

Can you see the tiny heart? Photo: Facebook/Gergely Dudás - Dudolf

While you’re looking for it, perhaps you’ll come across a banana, a top hat and two floral garlands.

But the tiny heart is by far the hardest thing to spot.

Want a clue?

It’s the same colour as one of the elephants.

Still nothing? Try looking in the top third of the image.

If you’re still struggling to see anything other than elephants, scroll down for the answer.

Here it is. Photo: Facebook/Gergely Dudás - Dudolf

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