Stan Walker shares photos of 'secret girlfriend'

Eliza Velk
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Earlier this month Australian Idol winner Stan Walker revealed to Be that he had found himself a ‘secret girlfriend,’ and one who had been helping him through some serious health struggles. 

Stan has since shared some loved-up shots of the pair enjoying some quality time in the sun to his Instagram story, and they look adorable together.

The pair looked completely loved up as they enjoyed some time in the sun. Source: Intsagram / Stan Walker

The 27-year-old singer certainly hasn’t had it easy in the past few months, after recently having to undergo surgery to remove a rare form of stomach cancer. 

Yet in the midst of this tough time, Stan said, “I’ve always got time for love. I’ve got a beautiful girlfriend who I’ve kept hidden away”. 

“She’s my little secret.”

Stan Walker has shared a glimpse of his ‘secret girlfriend’ to social media. Source: Intsagram / Stan Walker

Gradually Stan is letting his secret slip as he reveals more and more shots of them together on his social media.

“She’s amazing. She’s good for me,” he told Be. “She actually keeps me on my toes and keeps me healthy and accountable.”

“Island life with her <3” Source: Instagram / Stan Walker

The couple looked to be sharing a romantic bike ride through a tropical Island while Stan planted a cheeky kiss on her cheek.

It’s good to see things are looking up for the singer who is keen to keep going with his music and even mentioned the idea of starting a family.

However, after being a carrier of the rare cancer-causing gene CDH1 that has been passed down through generations in his family, Stan revealed to Hit105 radio that he would consider IVF.

“The amazing thing is basically we can do IVF and they actually take the gene out of my stuff,” he laughed coyly.

So by the sounds of it, Stan is pretty set on this girl who may just be the one.

Stan Walker has previously detailed his frustrations at his drastic weight loss from stomach removal surgery. Source: 9Now

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