Stephen breaks silence on 'abuse' claims

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Mel B's estranged husband Stephen Belafonte has broken his silence on the allegations of domestic violence made by the former Spice Girl.

In a lengthy statement given to TMZ by his legal team, the 41-year-old denies the claims of "domestic abuse, threats and exploitation" that came to light earlier this week.

Mel has filed a restraining order which forced Stephen to move out of the family's LA home and stay away from the singer and her three daughters.

Stephen has responded to the allegations of abuse made by Mel earlier this week. Source: Getty

"It's a shame that Ms. Brown elected not to proceed in a respectful and amicable fashion in this very private matter. In due course, Mr. Belafonte will be filing his response to the outrageous and unfounded allegations made by Ms. Brown, which allegations he vehemently denies," the statement published on the outlet's website reads.

"When the Court determines the truth, it will become clear that this entire charade was nothing more than a smear campaign intended to cover up Ms. Brown's own conduct during the marriage in light of her current involvement with a family television show, and in an effort to unfairly gain leverage both financially and with respect to custody of the children.

"When the degree to which Ms. Brown has gone to create a false depiction of her marriage to Mr. Belafonte is uncovered, real victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse will be understandably offended, angry and upset."

"Mr. Belafonte is confident that the truth will come out when he has his day in court at which time he looks forward to being reunited with his children," adding, "What matters most to Mr. Belafonte is the safety and well-being of his daughters and step-daughters," it concludes.

Stephen's statement comes after the TV personality filed for divorce last month after nearly 10 years of marriage.

Mel made a series of claims of domestic abuse against her ex. Source: Getty
Mel's tweet and photo from 2012. Source: Twitter

TMZ also obtained the documents lodged by the mother-of-three in regards to the temporary restraining order which accuses Stephen of extreme domestic violence since 2007.

Mel refers to a incident in November 2007 where she alleges Stephen choked and slammed her down onto hardwood floors before the finale of Dancing With The Stars.

She also refers to two more incidents in in 2012, claiming that before leaving to film X Factor with Usher, Stephen "flew into a jealous rage" before punching her in the face which left her with a split lip.

In August 2012 after performing with the Spice Girls at the London Olympic Games closing ceremony, Mel claims Stephen punched her and held her down on the floor, with the side of her face “scabbed over from the rug burns”, adding that her husband then forced her to tweet a photo of her injury writing that she hurt herself by running in Christian Louboutin heels.

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The singer claims her ex blackmailed her with sex tapes. Source: Getty

Mel seemingly addressed the incident on August 17 2012 tweeting: "Running in 7 inch louboutin no good!! I’m wearing Prauge on my face!!!”

She also makes claims that Stephen forced her to "participate in sexual intercourse with him and random women", which he secretly recorded, and if she refused to join he uses to tapes to blackmail Mel and would threaten to release them to "ruin her career."

In 2014 overcome with "emotional and physical exhaustion" Mel allegedly took a "whole bottle of aspirin" and when she tried to call emergency services she claims Stephen locked her in their bedroom, "telling me to 'die, bitch!'"

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