Stop making these kitchen mistakes

Bianca Soldani

It's a treat for some and a chore for others, but whether you like it or not, cooking it part of our day to day lives.

So to make it easier for those who'd rather pull out a packet of instant mac n cheese, we've found a list of common mistakes you should definietly be steering clear of at home.

Not tasting the food as you go

The first is a common one, but luckily, it can also be easily rectified.

It’s amazing how much difference a pinch of salt can make to the final taste of a dish, but if you don’t taste your meal before seasoning, you could end up adding way too much.

The advice from one home cook on Reddit: “Taste the progress of your food before seasoning and after seasoning. Please.”

Get your salt bae on and season, season, season!

Not tucking fingers in when cutting things

Many of us are guilty of this; we know the correct way of chopping something is to hold it with your fingers tucked in, but it just feels so awkward.

Well, you’re risking the longevity of your fingers with that kind of attitude!

Remember, you’re always better off being safe than sorry.

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Unless you want to lose them... Photo: Getty

Using glass or granite chopping boards, or none at all

While granite, marble and glass chopping boards may look gorgeous in your kitchen, you’re doing your knives a massive disservice by using them.

They have a nasty track record of ruining your sharp knife edges, so you’re much better off having a wooden or bamboo chopping board for your veggies, and a plastic, dishwasher-safe one for raw meats.

You may also want to invest in a third chopping board for carving cooked meats, or use your veggie one. Which brings us to our next point…

Stick to wood, bamboo or plastic.

Cross contamination

It’s important to know your basic hygiene rules when cooking, and cross contamination in a biggie - especially when it comes to raw meat.

If you aren’t already using a separate chopping board and knife to cut raw meats, definitely start now!

Also wash your hands well after handling raw meat and make sure to wash the utensils you use with plenty of hot water and detergent.

Wash your hands! Photo: Getty

Cleaning cast iron pans with dishwashing soap

Anyone who values their cast iron cookware knows never to leave it near detergent!

Soaps strip cast iron pans of their seasoning, so you’re much better off scrubbing them out a paste made of hot water and coarse salt.

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Keep these away from soap! Photo: Getty

Putting your cooking knives in the dishwasher

This one is along the same vein, only more dangerous!

Not only do you risk skewering yourself or your loved ones when unpacking the dishwater, all that banging around during the wash cycle actually damages the edges of your knives.

And we all know blunt knvies are the most frustating things to use.

Wash your knives by hand, it's safer! Photo: Getty

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