Strange things passengers try to take on a plane

Kristine Tarbert

Packing for a trip can sometimes be a nightmare, especially when you realise that you’ve done way too much shopping and can’t fit everything in your suitcase.

But going one or two kilos over the weight restriction with your bag is nothing compared to some of the wacky things people have tried to get onto a plane.

The weird things people pack. Photo: Getty

New research conducted by Virgin Atlantic has revealed the weirdest things passengers have attempted to check-in on flights.

The list features animals, appliances and even furniture!

What's in the suitcase? Photo: Getty

We’ve rounded up some of the weirdest answers.

Live Fish – On a flight to Barbados someone tried to check in four live goldfish in a plastic bag filled with water.

A fridge – One hungry passenger tried to check in an entire fridge freezer at Nevada airport. Maybe they still had leftovers from the all-you-can-eat buffet in Vegas?

People actually tried to pack live fish and a while fridge. Photo: Getty

Car parts – Tyres seem to be a common discovery in people’s luggage, especially on flights from Lagos. Someone also tried to fly a car bumper from London Heathrow.

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Bed head – A group of travellers tried to check in the headboard of a bed before their flight from Delhi. According to the survey, brooms are also a popular check in item in that region.

This item is definitely oversized. Photo: Getty

Bathtub – Yes we mean a full-size bathtub! The tub was presented at check in for a flight from London to Johannesburg.

But this last one is next level!

A whole dead cow – Someone actually rocked up to a flight from JFK to London with the butchered animal covered in bubble wrap. The request however was declined.

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“We’ve always flown to an eclectic mix of destinations, so it’s only right to expect an eclectic selection of baggage,” Virgin Atlantic VP Mark Anderson told The Independent.

Well, there’s eclectic and there’s the downright crazy!

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