Stray dog’s epic journey earns him a new home

The saying that dogs are man’s best friend couldn’t be better proven than by the story of Arthur, a stray dog that started following a group of Swedish athletes on a massive trek in Ecuador.

The four athletes took part in the 430 mile (692km) Adventure Racing World Championship and were having a meal in the Ecuadorian forest when the dog first appeared, Aol reported.

Arthur the dog became part of the team. Photo: Team Peak Performance/Facebook

Team Peak Performance member Mikael Lindnord gave the dog a meatball which was enough incentive for the friendly canine to hang around.

According to the Daily Mail, Arthur, as the dog became known, stuck with the team through all of their trying tasks, including swimming the rivers they kayaked and walking through knee-deep mud.

The athletes reportedly tried to get rid of Arthur because they were worried about his safety, but he wouldn’t leave so instead they made him one of the team – resting when he was tired and pulling him out of the mud when he got stuck.

At the end of the six-day race, they took Arthur to a vet and Lindnord decided to adopt him and take him home to Sweden, the Daily Mail reported.

Arthur arrives at his new home. Photo: Team Peak Performance/Facebook

He had to apply to the Jordbruksverket (the Swedish Board of Agriculture) for permission, which was granted after a tense wait.

According to the Peak Performance Facebook page, Arthur is happy and well in his new home.

He had a wound on his back which is healing fast.

“The wound on his back was 3-6 months old and was still bleeding when we found him,” says one post.