Student reported for showing 'excessive midriff' at school

Kerry Justich

It's the hot topic that's seen students told not to wear leggings if they're plus size, and teachers body-shaming teens for not wearing bras to school.

But while school dress codes have become more controversial, it's clear social media has upped the ante, with students finding an outlet to share their opinions about the consequences of the way they dress.

Seniors Emily LaCerra and Hailey Brown, of Loyalsock Township High School in the town of Williamsport are the latest examples, using Twitter to call out their school after Hailey got detention for her outfit.

Hailey's outfit was seen to violate school dress code and she received a detention. Photo: Twitter

“Excessive midriff” and cleavage were the reasons for the punishment, which was the result of the student wearing... jeans and a jumper.

Emily posted photos of Hailey’s outfit on Twitter, tagging the principal to get the attention of the district. While the school has yet to respond to the social call out, others familiar with the school are responding with disappointment.

According to Hailey, she was reported by male classmates for exposing her cleavage.

Although it seems there’s no cleavage to see, the school followed up on the reports and gave her a detention.

The decision has infuriated Hailey, who tells Yahoo Lifestyle she finds it important to speak up about anything that she believes is wrong.

“I’m actually going to college in NYC for political science and women and gender studies, and I plan on being in many clubs that raise awareness for LGBTQA+ people, women, and people of all kinds,” she says.

Hailey's determined to take a stand against her outfit shaming. Photo: Twitter

“I want to leave a message and help raise awareness for issues such as what I was dress coded for.”

Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to the school for comment, however it's not the first time their dress code has come under scrutiny.

According to tweets from August of this year, the high school had already been pressured into reversing a policy that said administrators would take photos of any students who broke the dress code.

After one student named Farrin Khan created an online petition against it, the school held a meeting and eventually revised the short-lived rule. The updated dress code was posted to the school’s Facebook page.

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