Study says 50 per cent of women are turned-off by men who do this

Sarah Carty

Whether we like to admit it or not, certain things in life are just a turn-off for both men and women.

While you may look for personality and looks in your new love interest, once you find something that is a turn-off for you, there's just no going back in a relationship.

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So it's no surprise that a new survey has revealed exactly what the biggest turn-off is for women in a man and we don't think the results will surprise you.

NEarly 50 per cent of women are turned off my men who shave their legs. Photo: Getty

According to the survey, which was conducted by Women's Health magazine, nearly 50 per cent of women are seriously turned off by men who shave their legs.

A bunch of women were asked: “What do you think about guys shaving their legs?”

A whopping 49.3% of clicked" “It’s weird. Guys shouldn’t touch their leg hair!”

This was followed by a further 28.5 per cent who said: “I don’t like clean shaven but I do appreciate a man who trims leg hair down" and 22.2 per cent said: “It’s awesome. I love a man with clean shaven legs.”

However many men need to shave their legs for certain sports, such as swimming and running it's more a necessity than a beauty routine.

Would you date someone who shaves their legs?

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