Girl Freaks Out And Thinks She’s Kylie Jenner After Having Wisdom Teeth Removed

People can say the strangest things when they wake up after getting their wisdom teeth out and luckily for us, this woman filmed her daughter's freak out when she came to after her surgery.

Girl Gets Wisdom Teeth Out And Wakes Up Thinking She's Kylie Jenner

Girl Gets Wisdom Teeth Out And Wakes Up Thinking She's Kylie Jenner

Teenager Emma completely flipped out in hospital after waking up and really believing she was actually Kylie Jenner.

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Not only did she think she was the reality queen herself but Emma thought her mom had been lying to her this whole time about her real identity and believed both of her parents were in fact Kris and Caitlyn Jenner.

"I'm related to Kim Kardashian!" she says in the video, suddenly realising she's the 18-year-old Snapchat fiend.

"I'm Kylie Jenner … I just found out I'm Kylie Jenner because you didn't tell me."

Emma slowly realises that if she's Kylie, that must mean her parents are not who they say they are.

"I can't believe this. Daddy is Caitlyn Jenner? Does he know this? Are you lying to him too? Are you Kris Jenner?" she asks her mom.

Her mom doesn't actually tell her she's not Kylie until the end of the video, with Emma whole-heartedly believing her whole identity has changed during the wisdom teeth removal surgery.

“I’m Kylie. I’m a model. I’m Kylie Jenner,” she says.

Watch the hilarious video above.

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