WATCH: Women are now shaving their faces with blades

If you thought face shaving was just for men then hold onto your seat, as now women all over the world are taking a blade to their mushes for the perfect skin.

Women are now shaving their faces with blades

Women are now shaving their faces with blades

Beauty bloggers and online influencers have been shaving their faces for a while now in the quest for a flawless complexion and we’re not going to lie, we’re pretty intrigued by it.

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Named dermaplaning, the new trend sees beauty-obsessed women taking a specialized blade to their face and scraping off dead skin and hair.

Women are now shaving their faces in the name of beauty. Photo: Getty

A new video by YouTube stars Mixed Makeup shows exactly how the process goes down and it’s oddly satisfying to watch.

The professional takes a blade and lightly scrapes away at the woman’s face and you can instantly see results.

Hair and dead skin fall off the woman’s face, with the blade acting as an exfoliator and a shaver all in one.

YouTubers Mixed Makeup tried out the bizarre trend in the above video. Photo: YouTube

The skin actually falls off the face. Photo: YouTube

Of course, you are recommended to visit a professional to get this treatment done however beauty bloggers have taken it upon themselves to try it out at home.

Last year, highly successful blogger Chloe Morello posted a video online showing her using a razor to rid her face of any fluff.

According to Morello, the reason her foundation looks so perfect all the time is because she shaves the “peach fuzz” off her face everyday.

And while you may think that the hair will grow back thick and dark, it apparently doesn’t.

Beauty blogger, Chloe Morello, is also a fan of shaving her face. Photo: YouTube.

“Firstly there is no scientific evidence that shaving fine, vellus (baby) hair makes it grow back anything other than the same,” Emma Hobson, Education Manager for the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica, told Be last year.

“The only thing you can experience is the hair can feel coarser as it grows out of the skin, this is due to the hair being cut creating a blunt edge by the razor.”

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