Tanya Hennessy's realistic makeup tutorial goes viral

There are two types of girls in this world.

Realistic make up tutorial goes viral

Realistic make up tutorial goes viral

Those who are, like, ridiculously good at doing make up and those who, in Tanya Hennessy's words "just give it a go."

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In case you don't know who Tanya Hennessy is, she's our fave funny gal of the Interwebs - the genius behind 'Things People Say to Hairdressers' and 'What Not to Say to Pregnant People.'

Brow fails can be fixed by brushing the powder off your face. Photo: Tanya Hennessy

Her latest video has clocked 13.8 million views in a week because, well... because it's bloody hilarious and relatable.

Tanya's realistic makeup tip? 'Just give it a go.'

"I use this MAC Primer that a lady sold me against my will," Tanya explains in the opening scene.

"I don't know what I'm doing." Photo: Tanya Hennessy

"She was really attractive and I was threatened by her so I thought 'I'll just buy it because I'm intimidated by you.'"

Who hasn't been there during a trip to DJs?

Whether it's forgetting concealer, using six-year-old mascara, never washing your brushes, rediscovering your mustache - Tanya covers it all.

Thumbs up if you haven't washed your makeup brushes in a year. Photo: Tanya Hennessy

"I put my foundation on with a brush that's lost it's label - because I got in 2002 and I've never washed it."


"Woh this magnification mirror is bringing a lot of things to my attention," she giggles.

"And here's some footage of me being super indulgent." Photo: Tanya Hennessy

"Isn't it fun when you put on foundation and realise you've got a little mo? It's very apparent with foundation. It just brings that mustache to the surface."


Tanya said she procrastinated for 8 months before making this video. Photo: Tanya Hennessy Instagram

We love that Tanya points out that every girl has their cheap makeup from Coles for $10.49 - the one you use for mundane days when you haven't bothered to fake tan.

And then there's your exy MAC Studio Fix that you save for when you've had a fresh spray tan and you're about to hit the town with the girls.

Tanya girl you don't need makeup - you're fab the way you are! Photo: Tanya Hennessy

"I do (contour) under here to give the illusion I have one chin."

LOL. Tanya says it took her about 20 minute to make this video but she thought about it for eight months.

"I hate putting makeup on," Tanya tells Be.

"I didn't want to do it half-arsed but, ya know I am half-arsed.

You'd think I would have made the most of my full face of makeup after the video and gone out - but I took it all off right away."

One of Tanya's fave beauty bloggers James Charles. Photo: Instagram

Turns out Tanya's favourite makeup bloggers are all men!

"I love Jeffree Star and how controversial he is," says Tanya.

"I also love James Charles - the first Cover Girl male model - and Manny MUA. Holy shit I didn't realise all the beauty bloggers I love are actually dudes - I just love how eccentric they are.

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