Fans confused by Katie Price's 'airbrushed' look

She’s never been shy to admit that she’s dabbled in fillers in the past and now Katie Price has shocked fans with her new look.

Fans confused by Katie Price's 'airbrushed' look

Fans confused by Katie Price's 'airbrushed' look

The 38-year-old former glamour model, who was previously known as Jordan, took to her Twitter account last night to show off her new lips.

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However her fans were left confused at the star’s flawless skin, with some claiming the snap appeared to be airbrushed.

Katie Price posted this picture to her Twitter account last night. Photo: Twitter

“My makeup always goes on so much better after my treatments at @macaesthetics I wouldn't let anyone else do my lips Rebecca is the best,” Katie captioned the picture.

The snap shows the mother-of-five standing against a pink backdrop and looking away from the camera, dressed in a blue top and showing off her perfectly teased locks.

However it’s the star’s flawless complexion people were looking at, with some stating that it looked like Katie may have been a bit heavy-handed with the filter apps.

Here she is pictured in January on the way into UK TV show Loose Women. Photo: Getty

“That photo is giving an unrealistic impression! It’s airbrushed to the max,” one fan said.

“How much make-up!!!??? You'll need a digger to take that lot off, then there's the airbrushing!!,” another person said.

“You actually look like Barbie. I had to look twice to see it was you. Not sure if it is too far if I'm honest.”

Back in June last year, the star went on UK TV show to admit that she had fat from her stomach injected into her face.

"With the fillers, they can use your own fat so it evaporates and it doesn't stay in your face,” she said.

She also claimed that out of all the procedures she has had done, her boobs are definitely her favourite.

"I've had good luck with my boobs now, they're now finally, after a year of one of them not repairing, done. I'm in love with them, the best boobs ever. I've had eleven anaesthetics the past year to repair them. I've got implants.”

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