WATCH: Hairdresser shows damage done by cheap shampoo

Make no mistake, we all know how important it is to buy quality beauty products.

WATCH: Hairdresser shows damage done by cheap shampoo

WATCH: Hairdresser shows damage done by cheap shampoo

But when you’re on struggle street until payday and you’ve squeezed the life out of your salon shampoo bottle, sometimes you can’t help it. You go to the supermarket and buy a cheap brand to tide you over.

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Now British beauty salon owner Rachel Trach has posted a Facebook video showing how your scrimping could be doing your hair some serious damage – especially if you dye it.

Rach's experiment starts off with the stylist putting two different types of shampoo in water. Photo: Facebook/rachel.trach.1

In the video, which has clocked up nearly seven million views, Rachel mixes two separate shampoos into glasses of water.

With the salon brand on the left, she dips strands of coloured hair into the glasses. The water with the salon shampoo looks pretty much the same after the hair is placed in.

Rach's video has gone viral, racking up millions of views around the world. Photo: Facebook/rachel.trach.1

It’s a very different story when Rachel places the dyed strands into the budget brand, with the water almost immediately turning a purple shade as the dye leaches out.

“No wonder I'm always dying my hair,” wrote one user.

“This is why we are shampoo snobs,” added another.

The water with the second, cheaper shampoo looks noticeably different after the dyed hair is placed in. Photo: Facebook/rachel.trach.1

A spokesperson for the cheaper brand explains that the product used was not a dye-specific shampoo.

“The product featured in the video promises to increase volume and lift – it is not formulated to lock in colour,” a Unilever spokesperson told The Sun.

“For coloured hair, we recommend using a different product from the range which is designed for colour treated hair and keeps hair colour vibrant for up to eight weeks.”

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