Ultimate beauty salon horror stories


If there’s anywhere where you feel particularly vulnerable, it’s probably lying pants-less, on one of those rickety waxing tables and baring all so your beauty therapist can get a-grooming.

Add in the fact that you’re not entirely comfortable and your body has a mind of its own, and it’s no wonder sometimes things happen. Bad, embarrassing things happen.

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Users have taken to online forum Whisper to share their most embarrassing beauty salon stories, and as cringeworthy and humiliating as they are – they could totally happen to all of us. Here's hoping they never do...

When waxing goes bad

“Today during a Brazilian wax, my client farted. It was the best laugh I’ve had in years.”

“That awkward moment when you’re holding your butt cheeks apart during your Brazilian wax and your wax girl keeps going on about how nice your nails are.”

“During a Brazilian wax, my client peed herself.”

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When close is too close

“At my local nail salon I was getting a manicure, and in the middle of doing my nails the woman gets up and hands me a mint. Then I realised that she was nicely telling me my breath smelled bad.”

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Embarrassing bodies

“I got a pedicure today and was refused a full pedicure because of my psoriasis. This is not the first time.”

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Accidents happen

“I was getting my nails done for prom earlier and the massage chair unclipped my bra.”

“One time I was getting a pedicure and the lady tickled my feet and I kicked her in the face.”

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