Beauty blogger takes down mansplainers

Beauty blogger takes down mansplainers

Beauty blogger takes down mansplainers

With more than 3.6 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, you could say Lauren Curtis has a fair bit of influence in the beauty sphere.

So it's great to see the well-liked and very funny beauty blogger using her powers for good in her latest tutorial video – by taking on every man who's ever told a woman she should look "as natural as possible... but still really, really pretty with no makeup on. You can't not look pretty".

This is Lauren on a normal day. Not sure if boys would consider this appropriate face or too much makeup. Source: YouTube/Lauren Curtis

"This video is all about how to apply your makeup in such a way that you impress boys," Lauren says. "Because that's kinda the whole point."

Like, obviously. Let's go through Lauren's step-by-step demo of exactly how to look naturally beautiful for the boys.

Bare-faced. Clearly unacceptable. Source: YouTube/Lauren Curtis

"I think I can speak on behalf of a lot of girls out there when I say that I'm really worried about being taken swimming on a first date."

Lauren's tips begin with a light application of foundation which is, of course, perfectly matched to her natural skintone...

Remember – not too much! Source: YouTube/Lauren Curtis

Then she applies just a touch of concealer.

What you want is that 'reverse panda' look. Source: YouTube/Lauren Curtis

A minimal dusting of powder...

Don't go overboard! Source: YouTube/Lauren Curtis

A little bit of highlighter.

Just enough to give you a glow. Source: YouTube/Lauren Curtis

Never neglect those brows!

Subtlety is key here, ladies. Source: YouTube/Lauren Curtis

Eyeshadow should complement your natural eye colour.

Green with envy yet? Source: YouTube/Lauren Curtis

Ok now it's time for your lashes! This is starting to seem like quite a lot of work, actually.

Fakeys add a bit of "oomph". Source: YouTube/Lauren Curtis

And lip liner. Never forget the lip liner or your lippie will feather out all over your face and that really won't look natural.

Boys love it when your lips look real, but well-defined. Source: YouTube/Lauren Curtis

DONE! Lauren is ready to face the world without scaring any boys.

Sah beautiful. Source: YouTube/Lauren Curtis

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