Blogger proudly flaunts hair after refusing to shave for a year

It’s the latest body love movement that’s seen women put down their razors and embrace their hair, and one fitness blogger has taken things a step further by refusing to shave any part of her body for the last year.

Morgan Mikenas proudly flaunts her hairy legs and armpits on social media, explaining how much better she feels now that shaving isn’t part of her beauty regime anymore.

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“My number one reason why I stopped was that it just took so much of my time to get in the shower and shave everything,” she says in a Youtube post. “Just one day, I was like ‘Why am I doing this?’"

Bodybuilder and fitness blogger Morgan has ditched shaving and she's not looking back. Photo: Instagram

"After I let it do its thing and grow out, I realised, hey, this is kind of nice. It started getting super soft and when you shave your body hair, it’s like prickly and itchy and uncomfortable.”

Morgan, who has 23,000 followers on Instagram admits she first started shaving her legs when she was bullied at primary school and ran home crying to her mum.

Morgan has posted pics of her legs in a bid to encourage other women to feel comfortable with themselves too. Photo: Instagram

Since then, she’s spent years diligently keeping herself smooth and hair free - but not anymore.

“If I let my leg hair grow out in the past, I guess I would feel dirty, I would feel kind of ashamed because I didn’t feel feminine,” she says. “So then I would feel obligated to go shave my legs so I would feel sexy, but not anymore. I freaking love my body hair. I love being my most natural and human self.”

Morgan admits she used to feel 'dirty' when she didn't shave, but she loves the way it feels now. Photo: Instagram

Morgan works in childcare and reveals that when she takes the kids swimming every week, she gets her kindergarten and first grade children ‘harassing’ her and saying “Ew, you didn’t shave”.

“This is the reaction I’m getting from little kids, what does that say if that is how these kids are being taught.”

Morgan is just the latest blogger to proudly show off their love for body hair. Photo: Instagram

Morgan's stance against shaving has won her more than a few fans.

"Thank you for choosing to look like a mature woman. As a guy, born and raised in the USA no less, I've never seen the point of females removing their body hair anywhere," wrote one user on Youtube.

"I've always thought that armpit, pubic and even leg hair on females whether it's a few sparse wispy strands or total jungle looks much more natural, certainly more mature, and much more attractive than smooth. You look like an adult female and not a 6 year old girl."

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