Meet the 15-year-old Aussie making waves in the beauty industry

When Izzi Dymalovski was eight-years-old she was attending business meetings and developing her very own skincare line while her friends were out playing in the park.

Fast-forward seven years later and Izzi’s brand, Luv Ur Skin, has skyrocketed in the beauty industry and is being sold in over 400 Priceline pharmacies nationwide.

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The 15-year-old from St Kilda created her line specifically for tweens and while she’s currently riding on the wave of success, it’s been a constant struggle for the teen to get where she is right now.

Izzi Dymalovski is a 15-year-old entrepreneur. Photo: Supplied

Izzi appeared on Shark Tank when she was 14-years-old looking for $65,000 for 20 per cent of her company. Photo: Supplied

“I started going to meetings for this brand when I was eight-years-old so a lot of people found it hard to take me seriously,” Izzi told Be.

The ambitious teenager thought of the idea for her brand while she was in dance competitions and couldn’t find a product she liked to remove her make-up.

“When I was younger I used to do a lot of dance contests and I used to wear a lot of make-up,” she said.

“And a lot of the products I used back then that I used to take off my make-up were really harsh and I wanted a natural alternative.

“I originally just started this as a little thing for me so I could keep my skin clean.

“I didn’t really realise it could become a business until I started focus grouping it in school and people started wanting it and I thought this could be a business.”

Now Izzi's brand, Luv Ur Skin, is sold in over 400 Priceline stores nationwide. Photo: Instagram

She manages to juggle her business with school life. Photo: Supplied

Izzi appeared on Shark Tank in June last year. Photo: Channel 10

Izzi decided to take things into her own hands and with the help of her parents and some chemist friends, she began to create different formulas and came up with the name Luv Ur Skin.

Now the brand features $12.99 body wash, $4.99 lip balm, $12.99 face moisturiser and $10.99 face wash, along with a $14.99 travel body and face pack.

Then in June last year Izzi appeared on hit Channel 10 TV show Shark Tank, asking the investors for $65,000 in exchange for 20 per cent of her company.

And while the sharks were intrigued and impressed by Izzi’s vision, they failed to take the bait and Izzi left empty-handed.

However she says she wouldn’t change her 50 minutes on the show for anything and credits it for helping to build her brand.

The line now has 10 products for tweens, including this 14.99 body pack. Photo: Supplied

The $12.99 face moisturiser is part of the range. Photo: Supplied

“It was an incredible experience, it was one of the best experiences ever,” Izzi said.

“Just getting in there and doing it. I don’t really remember everything that happened.”

After Shark Tank, Izzi claims people stood up and “started listening” to her a lot more and instead of shying away from her business in light of being rejected she pushed ahead and became a huge success.

“The month after Shark Tank we got the contract from Priceline which was absolutely amazing,” she said.

“We had been talking to Prince line for two years before that.”

And while her business may be thriving, the teenager is still completely focused on her schoolwork and never misses a day.

“I don’t really ever miss school for business unless it’s an absolutely massive meeting,” she said.

“Ever since we filmed Shark Tank we created a team to help run the business and they’ve been an amazing help.”

As for her plans for the future, Izzi wants to expand Luv Ur Skin so it’s available internationally , which constantly releasing new products.

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