WATCH: Woman applies painful viral face mask to her whole body

We’ve all seen the viral videos doing the rounds of people ripping off incredibly painful blackhead masks from their faces.

But one woman has taken the trend to a whole other level by smearing the black mask all over her body.

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YouTuber Izabela Stress posted the video of the meticulous application and removal of the mask online and it’s already been viewed over three million times.

YouTuber Izabela Stress covered her whole body in a peel off blackhead mask. Photo: YouTube

She covered her face, arms, legs and even her stomach. Photo: YouTube

“OK, so I decided to put face mask on my body and make a video about it,” Izabela wrote online.

“So, as you can see it's not exactly full body and that's just because I can't be naked on YouTube.”

The eleven-minute clip shows Izabela applying the mask to her arms, legs, face and stomach before she has to rip it off.

She then had the painful task of ripping the whole thing off. Photo: YouTube

She said it hurt a lot more i certain areas than others. Photo: YouTube

The masks are known for clinging on to the skin and ridding it of any impurities.

However they also drag off a lot of hair with them, which can obviously be very painful.

“It feels weird,” she said online.

"The peel off mask was cold and yes, it hurts peeling it off from your body, especially from certain areas.”

Watch the video above for some cringe-inducing lolz.

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