The one trend Jennifer Aniston's hairstylist can't stand

If you love nothing better than following hair trends and making sure your tresses look like they’ve come straight from a Hollywood red carpet, then you might want to listen up.

Jennifer Anniston’s hair colourist, Michael Canale, spoke with Be about his favourite Jen hairstyle, the diva antics of some of his biggest clients and the hair trends you should stay away from.

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In fact, Michael, who has released his own range of hair care products for coloured tresses, told us he can’t stand what is possibly one of the biggest hair phenomenons at the moment.

Jennifer Aniston's hairstylist Michael Canale has revealed the worst hair trend at the moment. Photo: Twitter

“Those ombre looks, they’re sort of on their way out,” Michael, who has coloured Jen’s hair for the past 20 years, told Be.

“A lot of those balayage techniques have really snapped the hair off lately so everybody’s getting their hair cut shoulder length.

“We’re softly blending them back out with highlights. Anything to connect it so it’s not such a two-tone look.”

When it comes to Jen’s hair, Michael revealed that he’s doing a “bronzed look” on the star for more of a “rooted look”.

Jennifer visits Michael’s Malibu apartment every five – six weeks and he says he hardly ever makes house calls - unless there’s a big event on.

“The girls don’t mind walking in and out of here,” he said.

“They like to be seen too. Our location’s pretty visual.”

Michael has been Jennifer's hairstylist for the past 20 years. Photo: Getty

As for achieving the superstar’s famous locks - which made headlines all over the world when she started acting in Friends - Michael said you better get saving now.

“80 per cent of our actresses now have extensions so you really have to go to the better colourists for that if you want that look,” he said.

Michael became a colourist back in the 80’s when he worked backstage on runway models.

He soon made a name for himself and now he’s the man behind some of the most luscious locks in Hollywood.

However with so many famous clients, he revealed there’s always going to be some friction in the salon.

“One of the things you never want to do is have more than two or more celebrities in at the same time because then they get a little offended when you’re not paying them enough attention,” he candidly revealed.

“I’ve had that happen before. During my heyday you’d get four or five people in the salon at the same time and they’re all looking for the special attention.

Jen's hair made headlines all over the world when she starred as Rachel in Friends. Photo: Getty

“We started isolating them,” he said.

As for his favourite Jennifer Aniston hairstyle, Michael instantly reveals that he swooned over Jen on the cover of Marie Claire in 2011.

Jen made a movie and producers made her hair “very blonde” but when Michael colour corrected it, it ended up being one of her best hairstyles.

“That one was a correction that ended up being my favourite hair colour,” he said.

“It was amazing after we corrected it.”

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