Father and daughter duo are hair goals

This father-daughter duo are breaking the internet left, right and centre and it’s very clear to see why.

LA-based model Benny Harlem takes pictures with his adorable six-year-old daughter Jaxyn, showing off their glorious manes of hair.

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The genetically blessed pair has now become internet sensations with people all over the world swooning over their tumbling tresses.

This father daughter duo are making waves on the internet. Photo: Instagram

Just look at those luscious locks. Photo: Instagram

The pair are now followed by thousands of people online. Photo: Instagram

Benny is not only a model and musician but he’s also killing it with her parenting skills,

In an interview with XO Necole, Benny said he wants to teach his daughter to take care of her needs before anyone else’s.

“What my daughter knows is that if she loves herself first, love will align in her friendships, relationships, and all aspects of her life,’ said Benny.

“She’s a beautiful girl who’s gonna be a pretty woman, but I teach her to love herself first.

Benny is a musician and model. Photo: Instagram

He's also kicking some parenting goals. Photo: Instagram

“She doesn’t need to seek that in a man or from watching TV or her friends.”

Speaking about how he maintains his shiny locks with the Huffington Post, Benny said it’s all about his diet.

“I believe that being healthy mind, body and spirit allows my hair to reach beyond its peak,” he said.

“I maintain a very clean diet and I drink a ton of water both very important factors in the longevity of healthy hair.”

We could look at pictures of these two all day. Photo: Instagram

They give new meaning to hair goals. Photo: Instagram

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