You won’t believe how old this woman is

Whatever Taiwanese woman Lure Hsu is doing to stop ageing in its pesky tracks, we want it.

While a quick scroll of the Instagram star’s feed might leave you thinking she’s barely out of her teens, the reality is very different.

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If you had to guess how old Lure was, what would you think? In her early 20s? Maybe 26 at a push?

Lure has become a social media sensation thanks to her incredibly youthful looks. Photo: Instagram

While her quirky fashion sense makes her look younger too, there's no doubting her ultra-clear complexion. Photo: Instagram

Well, add a couple of decades to that number because Lure is celebrating her 42nd birthday this year.

In an interview with Friday magazine, the social media sensation, who has 238,000 followers, credits her essential beauty routine of “moisturising and sunscreen” for her youthful looks.

The internet was shocked to find out Lure would be celebrating her 42nd birthday this year. Photo: Instagram

Even without make-up, Lure's skin looks near flawless. Photo: Instagram

It’s not just Lure’s skin that refuses to betray her 41 years. She also posts bikini snaps, showing off her incredible figure.

But it seems Lure has a pretty relaxed approach to her health, revealing she eats oats with black coffee for breakfast every day and sharing pics of her indulging in cheat meals of ice cream and cake.

Not only careful with her beauty routine, Lure watches what she eats. Photo: Instagram

Her diet also includes lots of fruit and veggies every day, with a focus Vitamin C.

When it comes to exercise, sweating is the key, says Lure, who tries to keep things fun with walks with her sister and bike riding.

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