Inside a hostie's make-up bag

We don’t know about you, but whenever we disembark a long-haul flight, we often wonder how the flight attendants still manage to look so good.


While our hair is tied into a messy bun, we’re wearing fluffy socks and look like we haven’t slept in weeks, they on the other hand appear fresh-faced and perfectly groomed.

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Now a hostie has finally revealed the secrets behind how they get their flawless finish and how long they actually spend in make-up training.

Flight attendant's beauty rules

A flight attendant has revealed her biggest beauty secrets. Photo: Getty Images

Speaking to, one flight attendant spilled the beans on what she uses to keep her skin hydrated, how she manages to not let a hair slip out of place and the tip behind getting rid of undereye bags.

When it comes to training, the hostie, who worked for a major airline operating out of London, Heathrow, said they were only shown a beauty tutorial for one morning.

Then it was up to them to find ways to maintain their perfectly polished look.

She claims she uses Evian facial spray to stop her skin from drying out at such a high altitude and avoids alcohol at all costs.

“Alcohol on flights will dry you out quicker than anything, which is why I'd also suggest turning down that glass of complimentary sauvignon blanc, which (yes, yes, we know) is easier said than done,” she said.

Just like we use at our jobs, the flight attendant says she also always has a bottle of dry shampoo handy to soak up any access oil in her hair.

While she uses Lush No Drought, we find that after such a long flight any brand or even talcum powder does the trick.

Flight attendant beauty secrets

This is what every flight attendant has in her make-up bag. Photo: Getty Images

As for their picture perfect lips, the flight attendant says the airline she worked with wanted their employees to wear red lipstick for each of their shifts.

She found MAC’s Ruby Woo and Russian Red worked best with her fair skin tone.

“Pro tip: don't top up your colour, instead take it off between flights and apply a fresh coat,” she wrote.

She also recommends using tinted moisturizer with an SPF, a good cleanser to take off your make-up, a good concealer and a hard-working lip balm.

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