You've been using hair straighteners all wrong

You've been using hair straighteners all wrong

You've been using hair straighteners all wrong

Technology has come a LONG way since the first ever hair straightener, nowadays they even come in fancy colours and the heat can be manually adjusted – but we’ve got to break some news to you.

Whatever you’ve been doing, it’s been dead wrong. Probably about as dead as your hair, too! We’ve compiled a fool-proof list of the "mane" mistakes people make.

If ever we did need any inspiration for straight hair, we'd say Kim Kardashian is giving us the right vibes. Photo: Getty Images.

1. You're not using the right shampoo

While there is no such thing as a miracle shampoo or conditioner that will make your locks super sleek alone, they do help prep your hair by preventing any unwanted frizz. Invest in a smoothing shampoo pronto!

2. You’re not using the right techniques with the blowdryer

Have you ever sat there over-drying your hair by blowing the hair out repeatedly until you can almost smell it burning? Hairstylist Sarah Potempa – who has worked her magic on Lea Michele, advises shaking the dryer back and forth over the head until it's 80% finished. "But it's important to keep the nozzle facing downwards the entire time, otherwise the hair will frizz," she told Teen Vogue.

We're gonna have to trust Lea's hairdresser! Photo: Getty Images.

3. You’ve ironed your hair while it’s wet

Please back AWAY from your strands. Put your flatiron down and wait for your hair to air-dry if you’re desperate! Once you hear your hair sizzle, you know you’ve got hair dramas.

4. You’ve avoided the support of products

While your beauty cupboard or drawer is probably about to burst, try actually using them! Stylist Carrie Hill of Bumble and Bumble Salon in NYC tells Marie Claire US, it’s important to “Spray on some heat protecting spray before you start.”

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5. You’re using an old straightener. Invest in a new one!

No matter how much you love your old-school straightener that’s been there with you throughout university, two breaks-ups and that awkward teenage stage, it’s time to let go.

Perhaps it's time to start looking for a new tool. Like, now. Photo: Getty Images.

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