I tried a Bane facial and this is what happened


Ever since Julie Cooper came into my life, I have always wanted to treat myself to a spa day.

Whenever the ultimate gold-digging mean mum of The OC endured a marriage breakdown or faced issues with her daughter Marissa, she checked herself into a spa – #lifegoals!

Julie Cooper is goals

Unfortunately for me, I live in the real world and don’t have this luxury. So unlike Julie who had a seaweed scrub and mud bath every second weekend, when things go pear-shaped for me I have to reach for the block of soap at the bottom of my shower, which is usually covered in my housemate’s back hair... don’t judge me.

So my block of soap system isn’t the best, my skin is always dry and flaky, and I kinda feel like Voldemort, when Harry slayed his guts.

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However, now that I've graduated from university and got myself a big boy job, I decided it’s time to live out my childhood dream and pretend to be Julie Cooper for a couple of hours – which led me to go to the Endota spa at the Four Seasons Sydney.

As soon as I walked into the space I immediately felt relaxed. The combination of tranquil music and friendly staff got me feeling all types of namaste. Once I changed into the most amazingly soft bathrobe known to mankind, I enjoyed a cup of organic herbal tea and got into zen mode whilst waiting in the lounge.

The amazing spa room

Before heading into deep relaxation mode my lovely therapist gave me a mini analysis, testing my hydration levels; my reading was 28.9 (aka NOT GOOD!), and examined my face with a UV light to get a good look at all my skin tragedies. This was so my facial could be customised to my skin type, and it turned out the main issues with my skin were dehydration and blackheads – #ew.

Bye bye dead skin

My skin was then cleaned and covered with an enzyme scrub, which worked like a windscreen wiper, getting rid of all the dirt and grit. I could immediately feel a massive difference in my skin.

Check out the light mask!

Now it was light therapy time. Not going to lie, when the mask was being put on my face I was a bit nervous, but I got over those fears after a couple of seconds. Once I was transformed into Bane, my face was illuminated with a red light. This part of the procedure was focused on regenerating and stimulating my skin cells, during which I was treated to a head and foot massage.

Before VS. After

After the procedure was completed my hydration level was re-tested, and it came in at 40. So much better.

Now I just need to work out how to go every week like Julie.

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