'The Motherhood' car ad goes viral

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'The Motherhood' car ad goes viral

'The Motherhood' car ad goes viral

A quirky new ad for Italian car company Fiat has gone viral.

The video, a lighthearted rap music parody featuring a young British mother, has had over 2.2 million views on YouTube.

In the ad the rapping mum makes light of her 'crib' (the family home), children's vomit and eating leftover fish fingers.

According to the video's blurb, 'The Motherhood' feat. Fiat 500L "is dedicated to all those women who have to be all things to all people and live it large on a daily basis."

Many weary mums out there will relate to lyrics in the parody which touch on breastfeeding, caesarian scars and nappy-changing.

"Orgasm faker, nit raker, rattle shaker, cheese grater, night-time waker. I'm a placater. Peacemaker," raps actress Rachel Donovan.

The ad represents a clear tilt at winning over mums, who are increasingly perceived as responsible for making many of the big financial decisions affecting the family.

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