Boh Runga's precious hand up

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A precious hand up

A precious hand up

With seven ranges (and counting) of Boh Runga for NZ Mint Jewellery, a hugely popular Monarch butterfly-inspired design for Designer Rugs’ 'Kiwi Icon' collection and a 2011 collaboration with footwear designer Kathryn Wilson for New Zealand Fashion Week, she’s carved a name for herself as a bona fide designer.

Now, she’s bringing fashion and charity together to support World Vision Micro, pledging $15 from the sale of every Lotus Pendant to the cause until the end of 2013.

Runga travelled to Tanzania this June with a team put together by World Vision where she witnessed first-hand the difference a small business loan through the Micro fund can make in the lives of hardworking entrepreneurs.

“They’re pretty minimal amounts of money really in the greater scheme of things, it could be anything from US$200 to US$500,” says Runga.

The money is loaned then paid back into the fund to be reused by other entrepreneurs.

“It’s a really beautiful cycle of funding,” she says.

Runga says the decision to pledge a portion of the pendant’s sales to the charity came upon her return home, when she realised how good we have it.

“There’s a pretty good system of helping people out in New Zealand that just isn’t in place over there. So to be able to help people help themselves in Tanzania is such a cool thing to do.”

Runga says she chose the delicate Lotus Pendant as it hadn’t been seen before in sterling silver as a pendant.

“It’s something new, plus that collection (The Lotus and the Snowbird) is based on a story about travelling and taking yourself out of your area and exploring. I thought that was quite a nice thing to link with,” she says.

The Sterling Silver Lotus Pendant is available from New Zealand Mint Jewellery stockists nationwide and online here RRP $139.

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