Museum of Broken Relationships opens in LA

Museum of Broken Relationships opens in LA

Museum of Broken Relationships opens in LA

Depending on how the break-up went, there’s usually a few ways you can dispose of the reminders of a relationship gone wrong.

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You can bundle things off to Vinnies, be the bigger person and organise a drop off, or worst case scenario, build a boyfriend bonfire a la Friends and torch the lot.

For those who don’t want to set off their fire alarms, the new [Museum of Broken Relationships||popup=true] in Los Angeles might be another option.

Packed with 115 donated items – each with a card detailing the relationship details and demise - the museum displays real-life mementos of love affairs gone wrong.

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LA lawyer John Quinn established the museum after getting inspiration from a similar exhibit he visited in Zagreb, Croatia.

“Anyone can relate to these stories,” John told The Wall Street Journal. “Even if it’s only to think, wow I thought I had it bad. This person had it much worse. This person got over this. I can do it too.”

Items on display at the Museum of Broken Relationships. Photo: Getty images

And forget that spare pair of undies or some half-used deodorant, there’s some seriously weird and wonderful items in this collection, including a bag full of used contact lenses, a giant dinosaur piñata, a transplant caregivers manual (he ended the romance after receiving new lungs), and an iron used to iron a groom’s suit before a wedding.

Curators say anyone can donate an item, and the museum also has a confessional booth where visitors can sit and re-live their heartbreak in as much detail as they want.

Hear that, Taylor Swift? A new break-up museum in LA. Surely this has got your name all over it…