Net-a-Porter's Photoshop notes posted online

It’s the luxurious fashion site we all lust over but it turns out everything isn’t what it seems on Net-A-Porter.

Unfortunately for them, somebody in the workforce uploaded what looked like Photoshop instructions for a snap of a model wearing a tartan skirt, with a back bomber jacket and navy socks.

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The photo was dotted with blue arrows, showing off exactly which parts of the model needed to be edited.

Fashion site Net-A-Porter have been caught out using editing tools. Photo: Net-A-Porter

And perhaps the most confronting arrow of all is the one which is labeled ‘Please slim' as it is not clear whether they’re referring to the model’s arm or the clutch bag she’s holding.

The ad is for a $57 (£35) pair of Maria La Rosa Saoilor man embroidered socks.

The silk-blend socks are woven and are meant to be shown off “with brogues or mules”.

The site accidentally uploaded this image to the website. Photo: Net-A-Porter

However when the right image was uploaded to the site, it appeared none of the changes were actually made. Photo: Net-A-Porter

According to the editing notes, the model fashioning the clothes is called Amelia and if you actually look at the finished image without the arrows, it doesn’t appear the changes have been made.

Net-A-Porter issued a statement in light of the error, explaining the notes referred to the clothing – not the model wearing it.

"We post images that accurately represent the garments so that customers receive product they expect," the company said.

"This image was uploaded to our product page in error and the notes refer exclusively to the garments."

It’s not the first time a fashion brand or site has been shamed for their heavy-handed use of the Photosopping tool.

Last year Victoria’s Secret came under fire for completely airbrushing a model’s derriere and just last week Zara’s latest campaign cause uproar.

The company launched their ‘Love You Curves’ campaign , however instead of using curvy models in the ads, they used skinny models.

Last year Victoria's Secret came under fire for airbrushing this model's behind. Photo: Victoria's Secret

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