Sam Armytage's sassy swimsuit photo

Rebekah Scanlan

When Sam Armytage chose to share a social media shot of herself wearing swimmers, there was more to the story than a simple happy snap.

The well-respected and talented journalist wasn't trying to draw attention to her (let's be frank) amazing figure.

The Channel Seven journalist was actually making a very clever point about her private life, or should we say, lack of.

Sam has taken to Instagram to share a series of photos of her in a swimsuit for a very smart reason. Source: SamArmytage/Instagram
The TV presenter is fed up of people trying to sell photos of her. Source: SamArmytage/Instagram

"Lovely, quiet, relaxing Sunday swimming with friends.... & 4 paparazzi & a drone," she wrote on Instagram, alongside three shots of herself at the beach with friends.

Sam, 41, went on to explain that by posting the picture herself, she was taking control of her image and preventing photographers making money off her photos.

It seems Sam isn't a fan of the downsides of being in the public domain. Source SamArmytage/Instagram

"Trying to ruin my weekend bliss & make money from pics of me in my swimmers," she explained, adding: "Well, here’s one for free."

Fans have been quick to praise Sam's smart approach to unauthorised photographers following her.

Fans were quick to praise the journalist for her witty way of handling things. Source: Getty

"You tell 'em, Sam," commenters said, showering her with support, while others pointed out she looked amazing in her bathing suit.

The Channel 7 presenter was trying to enjoy a day with friends. Source: SamArmytage/Instagram

"And you look bloody good in your cozi’s too!" one wrote, while others simply said 'you look great' and encouraged the presenter to 'keep smiling'.

It's no the first time Sam has stripped down to her swimmers.

She graced the cover of Australian Women's Weekly in 2015 in just her bathers.

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