Sam addresses Kathy Griffin stoush

Alicia Vrajlal

Television presenter Samantha Armytage has addressed the heated conversation she had on Sunrise with Kathy Griffin back in August, that had involved Kathy saying she's "not sorry" for her controversial Trump photo shoot.

At the time, Samantha brought up the photo shoot which showed the American comedian holding a bloodies mask resembling the US President's face, and had asked her if the stunt "was over the line".

Appearing on Outsiders this week, 40-year-old Samantha told host Mark Latham that as a journalist, she felt she "had a role and an opportunity to call her on that".

Samantha Armytage has addressed the Kathy Griffin stoush she had. Source: The Outsiders
In August Kathy told Samantha on Sunrise she was

"Comedians are an interesting mob of people to interview," she on Outsiders. "They're very rarely like they are on stage or on TV, and to me, as a journo, I sensed that she was happy to give it but not take it".

"Personally, I didn't feel the beheading joke was very funny," she added.

The comedian received a major backlash from this photo and video posted. Source: Twitter

While Samantha acknowledged that someone like Trump would be capable of brushing away these kinds of jokes and comments, she said: "We're a breakfast television show. There are families watching us. I thought I had a role there and an opportunity to just sort of call her on that which nobody else did when she did that promo tour for her comedy show".

Back in August, Kathy said she was not sorry for posing with a bloody mask resembling the president, accusing President Trump, the first lady and his grown children of trying to “ruin her life”.

Asked by Sam if she didn’t think her stunt “ was over the line”, Kathy bit back saying the picture did not compare to the “actual atrocities that the President of the United States is committing”.

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