Super Blue Blood Moon: A great time to do magic

Kristine Tarbert

Get your candles and cauldrons out.

Cosmic energies are high after last night's spectacular, super rare lunar event the Super Blue Blood Moon, making it a great time to do some magic.

Consisting of a total lunar eclipse, supermoon and blue moon, such an event hasn’t been seen for more than 30 years.

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If you're looking to give it a whirl yourself, real life Sydney witch Mara Carter has demonstrated a healing spell using candle magic (see video).

“If you are clear about what your intensions are and have a clear mind, you can manifest into your life exactly what you ask for,” Mara tells Be.

Mara is a practicing witch. Photo: Be

Because witchcraft is based on the nature religion of paganism, Mara says she is heavily dictated by nature and its elements.

The full moon is a great day to do a spell or ritual. Making this time even better.

“The moon influences the ebb and flow of the tides – and we’re more than 80 per cent water so it’s logical that we’re influenced,” she says.

Mara performs a spell in her home. Photo: Be

Mara says it’s all about “rising energy” by chanting, dancing, drumming etc and then you direct the power to whatever purpose you had planned.

But of course remember the three-fold rule. Everything comes back to you three times as good or bad, according to Mara.

“The magic comes form within. We all have this power to create or destroy and it’s about how we use this energy,” she says.

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If it's something else you're looking at using magic for, Mara has also given us two spells that could come in handy in everyday life.

Please let us know if you miraculously come into millions. We want in!


Spell for finding a job. Photo: Supplied

Also good to do this spell on a Thursday or a Saturday.
Green or Gold candle
Black candle to banish negativity
Money attracting herbs: Allspice, Basil, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Ginger, Mandrake, Marjoram, Mint, Patchouli, Pine or Sage.
Money attracting oil: Basil, Cinnamon, Patchouli or Pine.
One copy of your bills will be needed or the actual bills – alternatively write out what you owe on parchment or white paper.
A pen
A needle or pin to carve

Candle magic is one way to do a spell. Photo: Be


  1. ask the universe to rid you of negativity, remove obstacles and give blessings
  2. take a cleansing bath with a few drops of cinnamon or pine oil
  3. set up ritual area (see video)
  4. meditate and cast your circle – while calling on the god of Juno (money)
  5. cleanse and consecrate the candles, dash with oil, carve the banishing pentacle on the candles
  6. bless the other items you will use and dash the bills with the herbs/oil
  7. spell chant to Juno: “Oh great God Juno, who knows of my need, please bring this at full spell. May this be brought in the most correct way for the money I need on this day. I ask of you bring positivity and banish negativity. Banish this great debt, rid this poverty and bring prosperity. This I ask humbly. So it shall be.”
  8. mediate on you paying your bills in full and the walls of what is stopping you breaking down. Envision the money coming to you and your debt vanishing.
  9. place bills in a safe spot so they won’t be touched
  10. meditate and when you feel drained snuff the candle out and thank Juno
  11. close your circle
  12. relight the same candles once a day for at least seven minutes until they are burned out – then bury them or throw them into moving water

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