Woman spends $17,000 on 'Beyoncé booty'

Kristine Tarbert

With the likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Niki Minaj and J-Lo flaunting their ample rear assets daily, it’s no surprise the look is one now desired by many.

Tanya Bird, from Melbourne, spent a whopping $17,000 to get her dream Beyoncé butt.

The 27-year-old childcare worker is in recovering after having the very popular cosmetic surgery recently but is absolutely loving the result.

Tanya Bird has a Brazilian butt lift. Photo: Instagram

“I had a car accident at the end of 2013, so getting back to the gym was a bit awkward and I thought no, I want to reward myself by getting a nice big bum. And I love it,” Tanya said in a video posted to Instagram.

She says she was left unable to do exercises like squats so this was the perfect solution.

“Plus, genetically I wasn't very gifted in that department,' she told the Daily Mail.

Tanya went to the Cosmos Clinic in Sydney to have the two-hour procedure, which involved removing fat from one part of her body and injecting it into the buttock area.

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She has four weeks of recovery ahead of her and six weeks before she can head back to the gum but Tanya can’t wait to start showing off her new derrière.

Tanya admits she’s even bought ’20 pairs of leggings’ and is looking forward to ‘finally being able to fill them out’.

“It makes you feel more feminine having a nice big bum. I'm excited about wearing clothes and feeling better about myself,” she said.

The Brazilian butt lift is certainly one of the most popular cosmetic surgery trends at the moment, according to surgeons.

Dr Ajaka of Cosmos Clinic, told the Daily Mail, they now do the surgery at least three times a week, compared to three a year seven years ago.

It’s all about the celebs flaunting their hourglass figures that are really fuelling the trend. And there are a bunch of options to choose from other than the ‘Beyoncé’ look.

There’s also The Sports Illustrated (toned and perky) or Kim Kardashian (round and full) look, but Beyoncé remains the most popular because it's the most natural looking.

“Curves are definitely in and here to stay,” said Dr Ajaka.

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